Acoustic Heartbreaks "the nice price" EP

by Freddie Dilevi

Die Tonight 03:32


Vinyl EP release available direct from Family Spree Recordings:

"I had a listen the other night, fantastico!" - Johnny O'Halloran

"What this does is give you a chance to hear that lead singer’s amazing voice in a quieter setting. It is a voice that is worth this effort." - Paul Blowfish

"This guy is pretty fucking amazing. And that voice! Wow. It's almost hypnotic. Almost too good, you know what I mean? But just right. Wow." - Rock N Roll Manifesto

The acoustic recording of these songs had no greater claim than to find entertainment to occupy the long hours of confinement, but the result is so surprising that we have finally decided that these songs deserve to be published in physical format.

The songs not only endure with absolute solvency the loss of electricity, but also win by presenting Freddie's voice with greater prominence and thus achieve a plus of feeling and emotion.

5 pieces of emotional goldsmithing that demonstrate the versatility and mastery of Freddie Dilevi, a huge composer and performer, beyond fashions and stereotypes.


released December 25, 2020


all rights reserved



Rum Bar Records Boston, Massachusetts

Rum Bar Records is turning into one of the absolute best labels for real rock and roll these days, if you haven't gotten hip to that trip. It's the boss sound from the Boss-town." - Bill Kelly, Bill Kelly's Teenage Wasteland WFMU

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