Fun Is Fun, The Trilogy Is Done.

by Jay Allen and the Archcriminals

Big Lie 04:23


"Jay Allen is a freakin' genius! If you're a fan of Boston punk/garage or the Rum Bar label in general, Fun Is Fun... needs to be on your radar." - Faster And Louder

"Across eight songs, each hovering around the three-minute mark, Allen’s gruff vocals – backed by a thick layer of distorted guitar and solid drumming – deliver singalong choruses that stay with you like a homemade stick and poke tattoo. The rambling unpolished charm of the music is simply undeniable. The record’s opening track, “Cry A Little Tear,” is a punk rock doo wop sob story with Boston’s Emily Grogan guesting on vocals. Elsewhere, “Grew Some Stones” is the album’s zenith, as ridiculously fun as it is immature." - New Noise Magazine

"It really is impossible to listen to without smiling, and here with The Archcriminals, he might have masterminded his greatest heist." - Maximum Volume Music

"I have to agree, well written and the band is tight. Never knew Henry played keys, well done on little daggers. Cry a little tear is another level, well done." - Jerry Lehane, The Dogmatics

"Hot Damn! ' Cry a Little Tear' literally takes everything great about music over the half dozen decades, loads them all into an industrial strength blender and proceeds to Pulse, Chop, Shred and finally Puree it all into an amazing Sonic Smoothie. Guest vocalist Emily Grogan's range throughout, is brilliant, at times channelling her inner Merry Clayton and it's the prefect garnish. Best served in loud doses!" - "Boris" Boden (aka The Secret Weapon)

"They're gonna poop their pants with joy when they hear that Jay Allen track." - Bill Kelly's Blackhole Bandstand

"Jay is a local treasure." - Boston Groupie News

"If there's one thing in this album that sticks out it is energy. It is oozing out of the record front, top, bottom and sides. Right behind it is the fun of playing these songs. This is what it is all about." - WoNo Blog

"Another little bit of 'silver lining' while 'sheltered in place'." - Secret Weapon Radio

"One of his strengths is his wide knowledge of punk that is infused into his song writing and performances." - Paul Blowfish

Trenton City rockers via Boston delivering action packed, working stiff, hung over punk rock n' roll anthems with a twist!!


released June 26, 2020

Jay Allen - Lead vocal, guitar
Henry Ryan - Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Gary Robley - Drums (Tracks 1,2,3) Backing Vocals
Larry Litigot - Drums (Tracks 4-8)
Rice Edmonston - Lead Guitar, Piano, Backing Vocals
Emily Grogan - Vocals (Cry a Little Tear)

All songs written by Jay Allen©2020 QFT Music
Produced by Rice Edmonston
Engineered by Matt Alexander, Matt Tanian, and James Bridges
Mixed by Matt Alexander, Rice Edmonston, Matt Tanian, James Bridges
Mastered by Dave Locke, Matt Alexander, and Rice Edmonston

Photos by Nicole Tammaro Photography
Art, design & layout by Evan Shore


all rights reserved



Rum Bar Records Boston, Massachusetts

Rum Bar Records is turning into one of the absolute best labels for real rock and roll these days, if you haven't gotten hip to that trip. It's the boss sound from the Boss-town." - Bill Kelly, Bill Kelly's Teenage Wasteland WFMU

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