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The Peppermint Kicks

by The Peppermint Kicks

Shag '72 02:39
Stooge 03:38


"Fantastic!!!" - Palmyra Delran

"First: a disclaimer. I am typing this review whilst wearing a Mott The Hoople t-shirt that I bought a few years back when I saw the band for the second time. That matters in the case of The Peppermint Kicks, and it makes me absolutely the target market for this here shizzle." - Maximum Volume Music

"If you yearn for ‘The Golden Age Of Rock’n’Roll’, then The Peppermint Kicks has got your name written all over it! Whaddya waitin’ for?" - Blues Enthused

"When you have two song writers like Kopko and Baglio you can be sure none of these songs misfire." - Boston Groupie News

"Straight out of the eighties yet modern as tomorrow, the Peppermint
Kicks mix smart chords with songs that rock. A touch of prog, a touch of pub, beginning with the anthem-ready aptly named “When Rock & Roll Met Your Dad. “Strawberry Girls” would fit on any mid-period XTC album. “Johnny D’s” has particularly elegant chords, while “The Morning Girls” is classic power pop. “Roxetta Jones” kills with traces of Superlicious and a Ulysses-like hook. “Rock & Roll Rampage” is hard rock except for that Left Banke-like interlude, which lights it up like a single drop of black in a bucket of white paint." - Pop Geek Heaven

"Rock'n'Roll, Power Pop, a touch of Garage a lot of inspiration directly from the Sixties, especially for the freedom of spirit and for the sumptuous arrangements, but never exuberant! It sings, it plays, it treats and it exudes so much joie de vivre!" - Voix de Garage Grenoble

"I love that The Peppermint Kicks have come out big! The band kicks off its debut album (and entire discography) with a full-on rock anthem in "When Rock & Roll Met Your Dad". An epic love letter to rock and roll, this is the perfect introduction to The Peppermint Kicks and what they're all about. It's immediately followed by "Hey Fanzine!", which takes us back to the glory days of the rocking power pop radio hit. Building off such an auspicious start, the album proceeds to take you on a whirlwind tour of the coolest sounds of rock and roll's heyday. "Strawberry Girls" is a snappy, melodic tune that sounds like it could have sprung from the later '60s U.K. "I Don't Hear A Single" is a timeless pop song that ironically sounds...like a single! "Johnny D's (Play It Again)" is a vintage Danny The K fists-in-the-air sing-along rocker. "Shag '72" is an old style rock and roll toe-tapper with hooks for days. "Stooge" channels peak-era Rolling Stones. To my absolute delight, "Rock & Roll Rampage" embraces nearly every arena rock cliché in the book. " - Faster And Louder

"Sal Baglio and Dan Kopko have released some fine albums in the past couple of years, the former with The Amplifier Heads and the latter with Watts. Their joint effort, The Peppermint Kicks, draws inspiration from some of the greatest power pop, glam and bubblegum bands of the past 40 years. They do so without leaning too heavily on any one influence, insuring that each song sounds fresh and immediate." - Richard Rossi's Power Pop News

"There are more than enough gems here to make this a highly recommended pick." - Power Popaholic

"This band and this album are a celebration of a moment in time when rock was king. Every song is a hit -- unless it's an anthem." - Lord Rutledge

"The new band features Dan Kopko (Watts, The Shang Hi Los) and Sal Baglio (The Stompers, Amplifier Heads), so you know they're legit. Their new single, "Hey Fanzine!" is a burst of classic power pop meets glam, sounding like Cheap Trick jamming with the New York Dolls in the 70's." - If It's Too Loud

"Dan Kopko(Watts,The Shang Hi los) and Sal Baglio(The Stompers,Amplifier Heads) have joined forces to form The Peppermint Kicks !! I'm a big fan of both of these guys work and have seen their various bands live countless times. In the new Peppermint Kicks songs I hear elements of The Stompers and Watts...yet the tunes are different then those bands but still fantastic !! The Peppermint Kicks have a full length coming out shortly, when it drops, get on it." - Skybar Rising, WMFO

"ME LIKE I will play Fanzine, just kicked someone off for Next weeks show..They close my show with FANZINE. Yahoo" - Genya Ravan, Goldie's Garage

"This is all the proof you need of why car windows roll down, a volume knob goes up and gas pedal were all invented. Use them for maximum effect!" - "Boris" Boden (aka The Secret Weapon on Woody Radio)

The Peppermint Kicks are the bastard stepchild of Sal Baglio (The Stompers, The Amplifier Heads) and Dan Kopko (aka “Danny The K”) (The Shang Hi Los, Watts), sprung fully-formed from the heads of these two self-anointed mad pop luminaries in the pandemic winter of 2021. Veterans of the vibrant Boston rock/powerpop community, Baglio and Kopko were each grudgingly admiring and highly critical of the other’s work, occasionally trading emails, song ideas and barbs. Then came that fateful day in late 2020 when, in stereo (or was it mono?), they each heard the voice of Richard Penniman seemingly preaching a sermon from above: “...and you shall bring pop-rock to the masses, and you shall be the Peppermint Kicks, a wop bop a loo bop a lop bam boom.”  With that, the duo began receiving transmissions from the ether, channeling the spirit of The Kinks, The Who, The Ramones, Brian Wilson, The Sweet, Mott The Hoople, and their kin, into a sound described by some as “a cool drink of strawberry lemonade, with a sprig of mint and a gut-punch chaser.”  Seeking out the ideal platform to being their pop rock cocktail to the masses, they signed with the inimitable Malibu Lou Mansdorf and Rum Bar Records in early 2021. Their self-titled, 10-song album “The Peppermint Kicks,” featuring earworms like “I Don’t Hear A Single,” “Shag ‘72,” "When Rock & Roll Met Your Dad," and “Hey Fanzine!” drops in Summer ’21.


released July 23, 2021

The Peppermint Kicks:

Sal Baglio Dan Kopko
Lead & Backing Vocals Lead & Backing Vocals
Lead & Rhythm Guitars Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Acoustic Guitars Acoustic Guitars
Piano Piano
Mellotron & Strings Bass
Percussion & Handclaps Percussion & Handclaps

Chris Anzalone on Drums

Special Guests:
Brad Hallen – Bass on “Shag ‘72”
Kevin Rapillo – Drums & Percussion on “Shag ‘72”
Kris Rodgers – Piano & Organ on “When Rock & Roll Met Your Dad”

Songs 1, 3, 6, 7, 9: Kopko / Baglio
Songs 2, 4, 5, 8, 10: Baglio / Kopko

Produced by The Peppermint Kicks
Mixed by Danny The K
Mastered by Patrick DiCenso


all rights reserved



Rum Bar Records Boston, Massachusetts

"Write this down: Rum Bar Records is turning into one of the absolute best labels for real rock & roll these days."
-- the legendary Bill Kelly, Bill Kelly's Blackhole Bandstand SiriusXm ch21 LSUG

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