XOXOXO Volume One (Free Digital) "the nice price" Compilation

by Rum Bar Records

Turn on your video phone You don't have to feel alone Stuck inside your home When you call, I'll respond On my video, on my video phone On my video, on my video phone On my video, on my video phone Pretend you got somewhere to go In your best secondhand clothes No booze or rock n roll shows Hear my voice in your headphones On my video, on my video phone On my video, on my video phone On my video, on my video phone
Are you gonna get right within? Run the train tracks till they are burning thin sink the soil, fuck this destiny. I don’t think you know what you mean. Sell between lines. Light it up it’s fine Cognitive dissonance Secret resistance, resilience is a gift Bearing witness to the shit within the shit. Sinking ship caught an upward clip Reckoning is here Purge the demons Conscience clear You here me how You fear me now Reckoning is here Purge the demons Conscience clear You here me —


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XOXOXO Volume One is a Rock n' Roll Love Letter.

It's got 24 smash hit tracks, signed, sealed, & delivered by some of Rum Bar Records' favorite recording artists, family members, and friends. This dispatch from your new best pals brings together hits, lost treasures, anthems, and rock 'n' roll stories written in all your favorite languages: Garage, Punk, Power Pop, Alt-Country, Hip Shakin', Rebel Rousing, and Heart-On-Your-Sleeve.

"Rum Bar Records is fast becoming one of those labels where you are guaranteed quality, quirky releases pretty much off the bat; this is a compilation of power-pop, garage, high-lonesome hillbilly and alt country from their stable and is never anything less than excellent throughout. Party-wrecking music, strange music, oddball music, it's all here and more. This is one of those rare things; a compilation that holds the interest from front to back but I guess that's a reflection on Rum Bar's quality control. Dive in and take a dip." - Vive Le Rock

"Disc of rippers." - Natalie Sweet

"The entire album is strong!" - Bill Kelly's Blackhole Bandstand

"That comp looks amazing!" - Palmyra Delran

"I can't remember the last time I was this psyched for a compilation album! In classic Rum Bar style, this collection covers everything from garage rock to power pop to punk rock to alt country to rhythm & blues to straight-up rock and roll XOXOXO Volume One is far more than a mere label sampler. It's a showcase for some of the most talented women in today's underground rock and roll scene. Every track is killer, and the whole compilation has a really satisfying flow to it. It's not often that a 24-track album leaves you wanting more, but this one absolutely does!" - Lord Rutledge, Faster And Louder

"Lou at Rum Bar Records has amassed quite a stellar stable of artists. It's on full display on this release titled, "XOXOXO Volume One", where one hears a slice of so many of these great bands. Every track leaves you wanting more, this is a fantastic compilation !! Rum Bar at it's finest!!" - Skybar Rising, WMFO

"Natalie Sweet has called ‘XOXOXO Volume 1’ a “disc of rippers“. She’s not far wrong. With twenty four tracks and a good number of essentials, this is a download you can’t afford to miss." - Real Gone

"EVERY SINGLE SONG on this comp. is top notch! Stop watching your TV/Talent Shows to find the REAL heart & soul of Modern Music. THIS IS YOUR STARTING POINT! Dive into this CD and find your new favorite band! Rock & Roll never died - you were just sitting at the wrong bar! Best Compilation Rum Bar has ever put out!" - Ralph J. Rivera, The Switchblade New Wave


released August 20, 2021

Rum Bar Records would like to give an extra special shout-out, with our most humble appreciation, for the advice, guidance, and support of (in no particular order) Miss Georgia Peach, Natalie Sweet, Hayley "Crusher" Cain, Jamie Rae, Reta Records, Jen D'Angora, Michelle Paulhus, Lindsey Kowalski, Lisa Pollack, (the legendary) Genya Ravan, & all of the artists, musicians, and bands who contributed, created, listened, and cranked up the choruses and hooks to maximum volume.

Your partnership, creativity, music, and art are what makes the Rum Bar family...family.
We love you.

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Rum Bar Records Boston, Massachusetts

"Write this down: Rum Bar Records is turning into one of the absolute best labels for real rock & roll these days."
-- the legendary Bill Kelly, Bill Kelly's Blackhole Bandstand SiriusXm ch21 LSUG

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