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"Ooooooooo! I dig it!!! Awww, the good ole days!" - Palmyra Delran


Hey Baby the weekend’s on
We’ll crawl the Ave until we see the sun
Oh yea honey we’ll own the dream
This is the spot the the eluxx scene

The grassroots takes you three steps down
If your willing to dive I’ll show you around
B rent was working the door
I miss that cat he could hold his own

Sidewalk broken brawl We’ll spin the cube out of control
St. marks taught me how to crawl

Take the continental drive her to a star
See Trigger panic running around the bar
Noel is keeping the sound real tight
After my shot we gotta blow this joint

Turn the corner upstairs to coney isle
Roger comps your first the cat’s got style
Kick some dust tear up the floor
After hours hit the green door

Sidewalk broken brawl We’ll spin the cube out of control.
St. marks taught me how to crawl

Inside lakeside jukebox rocks
Lighting in a bottle thundering knocks
Down on 7th Bar 81 leg
Tommy is busy tapping the keg

Gonna get some tacos at San loco
Spicy hot drinks are cold
Goodbye good night so long friend
Lincoln tunnel to jersey bend



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Rum Bar Records Boston, Massachusetts

"Write this down: Rum Bar Records is turning into one of the absolute best labels for real rock & roll these days."
-- the legendary Bill Kelly, Bill Kelly's Blackhole Bandstand SiriusXm ch21 LSUG

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