1. Rumstock! Summer Series @ Once Boynton Yards

  2. Old Ghosts

  3. Diablogato's Party @ Porch
    Diablogato's Party @ Porch

  4. I Will Let You Know
    Abbie Barrett

  5. New Tricks
    Cindy Lawson

  6. Rum Bar Records (summer camp) T-Shirt

  7. Frying Pan Justice
    Jay Allen and The Archcriminals

  8. Lift With Your Tits (maxi-single)
    A Bunch Of Jerks

  9. Drop That Needle
    The Dogmatics

  10. The Complete Clams
    The Clams

  11. The Tisbury Joneser
    The Dirty Truckers

  12. Get The Hell Down
    The Short Fuses (Sympathy For The Record Industry)

  13. Catch Me
    The Mochines

  14. If You Gotta Go-Go, Go-Go Now (Sold Out)
    Various Artists Tribute to the Go-Gos (Sympathy For The Record Industry)

  15. Eaten Alive
    Nashville Pussy (Slinging Pig Records)

  16. She's So Tuff
    Tina and the Total Babes

  17. Aloha from Kentucky
    Miss Georgia Peach

  18. Won't Let Go
    J Prozac

  19. Billy
    The Shang Hi Los

  20. Crazy Boys b/w Train Song
    The Clams

  21. Effortlessly
    The Gypsy Moths

  22. "Early Times" (Free Bandcamp download) Compilation

  23. Some Freaks Of Atavism
    Screeching Weasel

  24. It Ain't Easy
    Shanda & The Howlers

  25. Ever Since Ever Since
    Cheap Cassettes

  26. RetroSpectacle
    Dany Laj and The Looks

  27. Lookin' Out
    The Pulsebeats

  28. Sway Like A Wicked Bad Habit (Deluxe Bundle)
    The Shang Hi Los

  29. Automat Kalashnikov
    The Dogmatics

  30. You Ain't Getting Nothin b/w What Christmas Means To Me
    Beebe Gallini featuring Cindy Lawson

  31. Hard Lovin' Man EP
    Stop Calling Me Frank with Fleshtones Keith Streng & Count Peter Zaremba

  32. It's A Peppermint Christmas
    The Peppermint Kicks

  33. Punk Rock Balladeer EP & T-Shirt (Free Bandcamp digital download)
    Malibu Lou The Punk Rock Balladeer

  34. "Curiosity Killed The Laissez Fairs?"
    The Laissez Fairs

  35. Plymouth Rock
    The Shang Hi Los

  36. ROCKTOBER II (Free digital) label sampler

  37. Three Songs EP (Free Digital download)
    The Heartdrops


  39. Northern Town
    The Right Here

  40. SaturnalienS
    The Amplifier Heads

  41. Actions Speak Louder Than Words
    The Hi-End

  42. Shart Topping Hits "the nice price"
    A Bunch Of Jerks

  43. Songs That Never Were

  44. You Blow My Mind b/w Do You Know What Love Means?
    Miss Georgia Peach

  45. 'Dis Time It's Poisonal "the nice price"
    Marc Platt

  46. Melody Roundup - The Complete Collection
    The Raging Teens

  47. In The Light Of A New Day
    Freddie Dilevi

  48. Presents The P200
    Cromm Fallon

  49. XOXOXO Volume One "the nice price"

  50. Drinking Life
    Jerry Lehane feat. Dicky Barrett

  51. Charts & Graphs
    Geoff Palmer

    Pale Lips / The Sorels

  53. The Peppermint Kicks
    The Peppermint Kicks

  54. What We'll Never Know (Deluxe Edition)
    The Adam Brown

  55. 20 Years of Shakin' Fat & Launching Shit by Medical Prescription
    Los Chicos

  56. Loudah
    The Amplifier Heads

  57. ConCretins
    The Idolizers

  58. EST 81
    The Dogmatics

  59. French Girls
    French Girls

  60. Ten Easy Pieces
    Dany Laj and The Looks

  61. Looking For Trouble
    Brad Marino

  62. The Dents
    The Dents

  63. Scraping by on the Hope of Redemption "the nice price"
    Curt Florczak

  64. Shady Rock & Rollers

  65. After Dark
    Pale Lips

  66. Seasides
    The Nuclears

  67. Love Letters Maxi-Single "the nice price"

  68. Buzz-O-Ramma

  69. Living In A Nightmare
    Indonesian Junk

    Beebe Gallini

  71. Fun Sized
    Hayley and the Crushers

  72. Genya Ravan / The Shang Hi Los (Split)
    Genya Ravan / The Shang Hi Los

  73. EP
    French Girls

  74. If it ain't Rum Bar Records it ain't worth the shot. Vol. 2 (Free Digital) label sampler

  75. Rebel Rousers (Free Digital) "the nice price" Compilation

  76. See Her In Action! Maxi-Single EP
    The Cheap Cassettes

  77. "Kick It Like A Wicked Bad Habit"
    The Shang Hi Los

  78. Complete Recordings (2017-2020)

  79. Colors Of The Universe "the nice price"
    Marc Platt

  80. If it Ain't Tasty it Ain't Melted... The Melted Records Years (1995-2001) (Free bandcamp download) mixtape sampler

  81. Acoustic Heartbreaks "the nice price" EP
    Freddie Dilevi

  82. East Side Drive (Melted Records Archives)
    The Heartdrops

  83. Greetings From Muckingham Palace (Dirty Water Records)
    Muck and the Mires

  84. Live Trash (Abbey Lounge Records) "the nice price"
    The Coffin Lids

  85. SPLIT (Melted Records Archives)
    Huntingtons / Darlington

  86. Victory Motel (Abbey Lounge Records) "the nice price"
    The Downbeat 5

  87. Forget About It
    Classic Ruins

  88. Class Kicks plus Bonus Tracks!

  89. Heart Of The City b/w Tonight
    The Hi-End

  90. East Side Story
    Beebe Gallini

  91. Some Kind Of Christmas (Free Digital download) single
    Stop Calling Me Frank

  92. The Dead EP "the nice price" (Free Digital download)
    A Bunch Of Jerks

  93. What Will Santa Bring (Free Digital download) single
    Heatwaves ft. Freddie Dilevi

  94. Dawn Of The Deaf
    The Short Fuses

  95. I'm Not The One! "the nice price"
    The Lemon Drop Gang

  96. Oh, By The Way... It's
    Natalie Sweet

  97. Quaranteenage Kicks
    Gallows Birds

  98. Rum Bar Records ROCKTOBER (Free Digital) label sampler

  99. Take Me Back To Planet Earth
    Muck and the Mires

  100. Your Face Is Weird
    Geoff Palmer & Lucy Ellis

  101. White Girl Wasted EP (Free digital download)
    A Bunch of Jerks

  102. Teenager's Heartbreak
    Freddie Dilevi

  103. Selfish Propensities "the nice price"

  104. The Idolizers "the nice price"
    The Idolizers

  105. Paper Airplanes EP (Revisited) Free digital "the nice price"
    ZipGun Bomber

  106. A Life Of Crimes (singles and rarities 2009-2018) "the nice price"
    Indonesian Junk

  107. For Those About To Pop!
    Yum Yums

  108. Jerry Lehane "the nice price"
    Jerry Lehane

  109. Somebody Out There Is Having A Party Vol 2 (Free Digital) Summer Sampler

  110. Fun Is Fun, The Trilogy Is Done. "the nice price"
    Jay Allen and the Archcriminals

  111. Haberdashed
    Stop Calling Me Frank

  112. Open Road & Blue Sky: A Retrospective "the nice price"
    Tad Overbaugh & the Late Arrivals

  113. False Alarm "the nice price"
    Brad Marino

  114. Second Dose "the nice price"
    Dirty Truckers

  115. Right On, Sister (Free digital) advance single!

  116. Practice Recordings "the nice price" (Free digital)
    Peter O'Halloran & The Hired Men

  117. Quarantine-Age Kicks "the nice price"
    Muck and the Mires

  118. Genya Live at CBGB
    Genya Ravan

  119. Walking The Walk
    The Peawees

  120. Ken Fox & Knock Yourself Out "the nice price"
    Ken Fox & Knock Yourself Out

  121. Click "the nice price"

  122. Find Me Out
    Spanking Charlene

  123. Record Number Three "the nice price"
    Nat Freedberg

  124. If it ain't Rum Bar Records it ain't worth the shot. Winter 2020 (Free Digital Download) Sampler
    Rum Bar Records - Various Artists

  125. It's About Time (Remastered Edition) "the nice price"
    The Real Impossibles

  126. Dirty Snakes "the nice price"
    Tom Baker - The Dirty Truckers

  127. Flyover
    Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band

  128. A Christmas Gift For "the nice price"
    The Connection

  129. Santa Buy Me A Beer b/w Rockin And Rollin (FREE digital) single
    Stop Calling Me Frank

  130. Blast Off EP "the nice price"
    The Gotham Rockets

  131. Gonna Have A Time With Jittery Jack & Amy Griffin on Guitar "the nice price"
    Jittery Jack with Amy Griffin on Guitar

  132. Just Another Regular Summer (Sold Out)
    The Speedways

  133. Tweets For My Sweet (Bonus Edition) "the nice price"
    45 Rally

  134. She's the One

  135. Spiderbites
    Indonesian Junk

  136. Icon
    Genya Ravan

  137. Marigold
    The Laissez Fairs

  138. The Path of Least Resistance

  139. Somebody Out There Is Having A Party (Free Digital) Summer Sampler

  140. Can't Stop the Bleeding "the nice price"
    Mono In Stereo

  141. Cheap Gunslingers "the nice price"
    Cheap Gunslingers

  142. Pulling Out All The Stops
    Geoff Palmer

  143. Electric Bloom "the nice price"
    Cromm Fallon

  144. Dead End City
    The Peawees

  145. Extra Credit
    Brad Marino

  146. Lucy Anna (Free EP download) "the nice price"
    The Yeah You Rights

  147. Better Late Than Never "the nice price"
    Nat Freedberg (Frontman of The Upper Crust, The Titanics, Satanics)

  148. Spider In My Beer And Other Songs "the nice price"
    Stop Calling Me Frank

  149. Hambone Skinny "the nice price"
    Hambone Skinny

  150. Moving Target
    The Peawees

  151. Muckus Maximus
    Muck and the Mires

  152. Rob Them Blind "the nice price"
    Duck & Cover

  153. Kiss The Ass Of My Heart
    The Cheap Cassettes

  154. The Laissez Fairs / Cromm Fallon
    The Laissez Fairs/Cromm Fallon

  155. Another Round (acoustic songs, covers, and b-sides) "the nice price"
    The Right Here

  156. Las Cruces "the nice price"

  157. Take 1 "the nice price"

  158. Empire Of Mars "the nice price"
    The Laissez Fairs

  159. "Best of"
    The Dirty Truckers

  160. All Done With Rock N Roll EP "the nice price"

  161. Stars In The Night "the nice price"
    Indonesian Junk

  162. Losing The Frequency "the nice price"
    Kris Rodgers

  163. Tiger Stripes "the nice price"
    The Dirty Truckers

  164. Trouble
    Shanda & The Howlers

  165. Lookout Tower "the nice price"
    Tom Baker and the Snakes

  166. Shot Through The Heart "the nice price"
    Bullet Proof Lovers

  167. All Anxious, All The Time "the nice price"
    The Cheap Cassettes

  168. Just For Fun "the nice price"
    The Connection

  169. Bullet Proof Lovers "the nice price"
    Bullet Proof Lovers

  170. Live At Grumpy's "the nice price"
    Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band

  171. The Black Heart Of Rock N Roll "the nice price"

  172. Stick To The Plan "the nice price"
    The Right Here

  173. Saturday Night Shakes "the nice price"
    The Backseat Angels

  174. The Phantoms "the nice price"
    The Phantoms

  175. New England's Newest Hit Makers "the nice price" (Rum Bar Edition)
    The Connection

  176. Indonesian Junk "the nice price"
    Indonesian Junk

  177. Promises To Deliver (Rum Bar Edition) "the nice price"
    Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band

  178. Play It Cool (out of print)
    Kurt Baker

  179. Labor Of Love "the nice price"
    The Connection

  180. Long For Yesterday "the nice price"
    Mono In Stereo

  181. Flash Of White Light "the nice price"

  182. Rock 'N' Roller Skates "the nice price"
    Los Breakdowns

  183. Brand New B-Sides
    Kurt Baker

  184. Flash Of White Light (deluxe white vinyl) "the nice price"

  185. DON'T TALK TO MY BABY "the nice price"
    The Connection

  186. DOUBLE WHITE LINE "the nice price"
    Muck And The Mires

  187. Live For Today (Demo '88) Free download
    Ultra Violet Confusion


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Rum Bar Records is turning into one of the absolute best labels for real rock and roll these days, if you haven't gotten hip to that trip. It's the boss sound from the Boss-town." - Bill Kelly, Bill Kelly's Teenage Wasteland WFMU

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