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At My Age maxi​-​single

by Magen Tracy & the Missed Connections

At My Age 04:25
I never pictured I’d live to this day Helpless and burning with impotent rage Here at my age Now our stories spill like water on the floor I’m not a hero, just another one in four Just a woman who wanted more Even at my age She will be seventeen I wasn’t seventeen You wouldn’t say I hadn’t lived my life Or didn’t have the means Does that make it any less of a hard earned right To say I want what a have And I don’t want anymore How can I picture what she might have said Knowing her choice was different when she was my age When she was my age I tell myself she’d only want for me Comfort and a mother’s guarantee Is it selfish to live so free? At my age We weighed the pros and cons And by the time you strip the shame away It was a clear decision Now I’ve got one less right than I did that day Because they take what they can Til they can’t take anymore There’s still a million ways she’ll blow my mind She’ll make her own decisions I’ll burn this whole place down to get her back that right So she can take what she wants And they can’t take any more Nothing can keep her from turning each page If she’s thirteen or nineteen or even my age Even at my age The only thing she’ll ever hear from me Is comfort and a mother’s guarantee It’s not selfish to live so free Even at my age So spill your stories out like water on the floor For every hero and for every one in four Every woman who wanted more At my age


"Tracy’s ability to weave together personal and societal themes with such authenticity and artistry reinforces the band’s position as a force to be reckoned with...this single is not only a testament to their talent but also a crucial addition to the dialogue surrounding women’s rights and autonomy." - Bored City

"Blending Pop's Brightness, Rock's Punch, and Country's Heart, 'At My Age' Crafts an Unforgettable Melodic Story. Packing this much influence and style into a song can lead to confusion. Unless it is done with a deft hand and gifted ears … which Magen Tracy & the Missed Connections have by the bucket load. The single is tight, formed by masterfully confident hands and brings us through the story, and the beats, with a firm yet gentle grip. ‘At My Age’ is a song that makes you swoon, it makes you laugh, and it makes your heart ache. Most of all it makes you realise once again why indie music is great. Because it sews human stories and emotions into accessible tracks that take your breath away. Stunning." - TJPL News

"Magen Tracy has written a lot of smart, tight rock songs but 'At My Age' might be a new peak. Political and personal, anthemic and intimate, 'At My Age' is so much at once: a perfect nugget of a rock song, an honest look at a personal decision, and a mighty act of defiance in a country that refuses to let women decide what is right for their lives and their futures." - Jed Gottlieb, Boston Herald

"Against a backdrop of bright heartland rock, this song is a heavy hitter on the matter of women’s reproductive rights and the choices they ought morally to be able to make. Sit down and be prepared to think." - Americana Highways

"Based in Boston, Magen Tracy & the Missed Connections is formed by a talented group of musicians who blend soulful vocals, moving songwriting and a genre-hopping mix of piano-driven pop rock and alternative country. This exciting ensemble has built a reputation for delivering infectious melodies, slick lyrical wordplay and electrifying live performances, earning them a dedicated fan base in the Boston area and beyond. This country rock outing shines with exceptional musicianship and is elevated by the stunning vocals of Magen Tracy herself. “At My Age” opens with a gentle shimmer of jangling guitar chords, accompanied by rhythmic drum punches before Magen’s rich, expressive voice takes flight, weaving heartwarming melodies that carry poignant lyricism. The song’s lyrical theme, inspired by the Supreme Court’s Dobbs vs. Jackson ruling, touches on the deeply personal but universally relevant topic of the right to make choices about our bodies and our futures. As the song progresses, it builds into an epic country rock soundscape. Gritty guitar tones and commanding drums infuse the song with energy, while delicate string flourishes add layers of colour to the arrangement. Magen’s powerful vocals take on an even greater intensity, lifted by the lush backing vocals that surround her. Their knack for melting elements of different genres into something new while maintaining a distinct and instantly memorable sound is on full display with their new single. As they continue to win over audiences and share more of their sonic vision, “At My Age” serves to showcase their enduring songwriting talent and spectacular performance panache." - Plastic Mag

"It’s hard enough to write lyrics about either of society’s hot button a-words: Ageism and abortion. Tackling both topics with one chorus is even trickier. But what could have been an unwieldy vent session instead unfurls as an unapologetic declaration in Magen Tracy & the Missed Connections’ new song “At My Age,” a first-person account about how abortions can be necessary at all stages of life.
The song, which arrived last month, uses the Boston artist’s lived experience to buck the narrative that abortions disproportionately benefit younger folks. Because rights shouldn’t expire — not due to someone’s age, another person’s bigotry, or otherwise. " - Vanyaland

"'At My Age' is the new single from the Boston artist Magen Tracy & the Missed Connections. Her music catalog is filled with wonderful pop-rock songs filled with the power of folk and country spirit.
The song 'At My Age' was written as a kind of manifesto of the freedom of choice of each person of their destiny and everything related to their personal body and experiences. The topic of abortion, as far as we can remember, was not covered much in songs, and now we have a really cool track that inspires all those who doubt their difficult choice. 'At My Age' is a beautiful and melodic ballad, perfectly saturated with a great musical arrangement." - Indie Dock Music Blog

"Boston's Magen Tracy & the Missed Connections don't make music that sounds like it's from Boston. Their latest single, "At My Age," is an anthemic country laced rocker that sounds more mid-West than Northeast. It's angry in the way that the best songs from Bruce Springsteen and Lucinda Williams are angry. It's anger festering inside of a song filled with a ton of pop hooks. Of course, many songs written in the wake of the Supreme Court's reversal of Roe vs. Wade are bubbling over with anger, and a line like "I'll burn this whole place down to get her back that right" isn't exactly subtle. "At My Age" combines country, folk, garage rock, and even some indie rock to create a familiar yet intriguing sound." - If It's Too Loud

“At My Age” is a song about grief, anger, daughter/motherhood, and a women’s right to choose. It started out as a piano ballad about how much I wished I could hear my late mother’s advice during a difficult time—and her comfort and reassurance that prioritizing my own well-being isn’t a selfish act. Then, in June of 2022, the Supreme Court Dobbs vs. Jackson ruling came down. I got angry, and so did the song. I reached for my guitar this time, and it fell together–quickly, easily, and urgently. The sad ballad became an angry anthem…and a letter of love and hope to my own daughter about the kind of future I want for her. – Magen Tracy

With a catalog that ranges from pop effervescence to alt-country grit—with plenty of rock in between—Magen Tracy & the Missed Connections are a Boston-area favorite known for earworm, melodies, sharp lyrical play, and fun, often mischievous live shows. Led by songwriter Tracy, a three-time Boston Music Award nominee, the band’s piano-driven songs, tight harmonies, and feminist edge take inspiration from acts like Jenny Lewis, Lucinda Williams, and Fleetwood Mac—all backed by a top-notch band that includes Stud Green on violin and guitar, Tamora Gooding on drums, Mike Oram on guitar, and Sam Spencer on bass. Tracy (keys, guitar) has also played in other notable acts, including Band of Their Own, Kay Hanley, Juliana Hatfield, and Lifestyle. Her latest single, “At My Age,” is garnering rave reviews, with Tanya Donnelly (Belly, Throwing Muses) calling it “powerful and brave.” Magentracymusic.com


released October 20, 2023

Magen Tracy - vocals, guitar
Mike Oram - guitars, backing vocals
Stud Green - violin, backing vocals
Sam Spencer - bass
Tamora Gooding - drums
Auggie Valauskas - upright bass
Ed Valauskas - mellotron, chamberlin

Written by Magen Tracy
Produced by Ed Valauskas
Recorded by Ed Valauskas at Q Division Studios and Mike Oram at Boonemusic
Mixed and Mastered by Pat DiCenso
Photography by Jenny Bergman (Secret Bureau of Art and Design)


all rights reserved



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